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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Legalized Abuse In American Courts

A man, William (Bill) McIntosh much like Ray Rice; had a restraining order removed against him to protect his job; by a Marital Master named Alice Love.   Much like Rice, he to works in special ed; McIntosh is a speical ed teacher at Pennichuck Middle School, in Nashua, NH. who gain custody because a Judge thought that non-fatal strangulation was not a valid reason for a woman to fight back. And gave him custody. 

The consecutive order below, clearly depicts a NH Judge who did not read the file, the tape shows she blatantly refused to listen to evidence on previous rulings that included three therapists, Gilmer, Sobin & Wallace; all providing written proof that - there is no reason for mother and child, not to have unsupervised visits. 

Yet, Judge Introcaso's order remains the same. Sobin moved out of the area and the father fired the previous therapist.  Yet another therapist must be hired to say the same thing; the catch is - it doesn't matter how many therapists are hired the results are consistently the same -when the order says the abusive x-husband/ Father must agree. This is the only hold he has over his x-wife why would he willingly relinquish it.  

This is a Man/Father who admitted to dragging his former wife down a flight of stairs and non-fatally strangling her, he said it was her fault.  He also had an affair with another teacher at Fair Grounds Middle School, conveniently covered up by the Nashua School Board; contrary to their standards of ethic's for employees as admitted by someone who has since left feeling pangs of guilt almost 14 years later. (Not very helpful now.)

Moreover, the step-mother, affair Lori Ayotte-McIntosh spews and/or insinuates she's related to the US Senator Ayotte; and has signed school documents for federal funding as the child's mother. That's Fraud; as shown below the US Senator doesn't know her below and the school supertintendent Mark Conrad and City Attorney Bennett refuse to address the issue stating it's none of the mother's or communities business how they do their job, Really the tax-payers who pay their salary have no right to know about the fraud they carry out. 

So, once again a US Court enable an abusive husband to walk. In this case to continue to separate a mother and child without cause and one in which allows him to engage in Stockholm Syndrome to further drive mother and child apart.   That's evil, child abuse and an act of a terrorism by a father, and the step-mother both teachers and the court for its lack of responsibility.  

In the Rice Case, I can almost guarantee that she is only supporting him now, because like Bill McIntosh, he told her he would get off and if she pressed charges he threatened to take away her child. Why shouldn't that happen ...

Surprised, that it does? Why, look at what happened with the NFL and Ray Rice  2 day suspension until TMZ, more here:

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